Swimming Lessons

Preschool and Progressive Lessons
2 Days per Week
$30 members/$60 Non Members

Saturday Morning Lessons
$20 members/$40 Non Members

Learning to swim at the Y is more than just stroke development. Children are taught in small groups with others of their own age and skill level to facilitate the students' socialization skills. Instructors use a child-centered approach which offers more active involvement and a better understanding of swimming, thus more learning and more fun. Of course, Y Character Development is at the core of each lesson, as are the essential components of stroke development, boating safety, personal safety, and rescue skills. Be a part of it all, and experience swim lessons the Y way.

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Class Descriptions
  • PIKE: The Pike class is for beginning swimmers. They will learn adjustment skills in the shallow and deep end, front and back floats, kicking, and some swimming. PRE-REQS: None. TO PASS: They must be able to kick and blow bubbles, kick 1 length with kickboard, back float (10 sec), and swim 10 feet independently.

  • EEL: The Eel class is for children well adjusted to the water. PRE-REQS: Pass Pike skills. SKILLS INTRO: Eels will learn more independent floating, diving, and swimming. TO PASS: They must swim 1 length on front and back independently, do front and back float (15 sec), and master sitting dives.

  • RAY: The Ray class is intended for the advanced pre-school swimmer. PRE-REQS: Pass Eel skills. SKILLS INTRO: Emphasis will be placed on endurance and learning more advanced strokes. TO PASS: They must float (1 min) on front and back, swim 2 lengths front and back crawl, master sitting, kneeling, and standing dives, and swim 1 length front crawl with rotary breathing.

  • POLLIWOG: The Polliwog class focuses on water adjustment. PRE-REQS: None SKILLS INTRO: Front and back floating, gliding, swimming and rhythmic and rotary breathing. TO PASS: They must do a front and back float (15 sec), glide and flutter kick 1 length on back and front, show rhythmic and rotary breathing and increased confidence.

  • GUPPY: The Guppy class focuses on continuing to develop basic skills. PRE-REQS: Pass Polliwog or equivalent skills. SKILLS INTRO: Survival floats, treading water, development of front and back crawl, sitting dives, and sculling. TO PASS: Front and back float (1min), tread water (30 sec), swim on front 1 length, swim front crawl with rotary breathing.

  • MINNOW: The Minnow class focuses on stroke introduction. PRE-REQS: Pass Guppy or equivalent skills. SKILLS INTRO: Treading water with scissor kick, kneeling and standing dives, front and back crawl, and rescue breaths. TO PASS: Survival float (3 min), tread with scissor kick (30 sec), sitting, kneeling, and standing dives, and front and back crawl 1 length.

  • FISH: The Fish level focuses on endurance and stroke enhancement. PRE-REQS: Pass Minnow or equivalent skills. SKILLS INTRO: Breast stroke kick, elementary back stroke, dolphin kick, advanced sculling, underwater swimming, surface dives. TO PASS: Survival float (6 min), tread 3-5 min. using breast stroke and side stroke kick and others. Breast stroke, side stroke dolphin kick 2 lengths, front and back crawl 2 lengths, demonstrate rescue breathing and first aid.

  • FLYING FISH: The Flying Fish class focuses on endurance and stroke perfections. PRE-REQS: Pass Fish or equivalent skills. SKILLS INTRO: Treading water using rotary kick, butterfly and breast stroke open turns, synchronized swimming, and lifeguard skills. TO PASS: Must tread using rotary kick 3-5 min, butterfly and breast stroke 2 lengths, master open turns, complete individual medley (2 fly, 8 crawl, 2 back crawl, 2 elementary back and 2 breast stroke). Participate in synchro swim routine, show life guarding skills.

  • SHARK: Shark class focuses on endurance, stroke perfection and competitive strokes. PRE-REQS: Pass Flying fish or equivalent skills. SKILLS INTRO: Competitive starts and swim techniques, flip turns, side stroke, lifesaving stroke and approach strokes. TO PASS: Survival float (10 min), master flip turns and front and back starts, front crawl and breast stroke. Heads up approach 2 lengths, side stroke and lifesaving stroke 1 length and elementary back stroke 2 lengths.