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Lessons for Diverse Abilities

Our All Kids Swim classes strive to get everyone the chance to learn how to swim, no matter what diverse abilities they have. Our trained instructors are able to provide the best learning experience for each individual.

One-on-One Group Learning 

Geared toward those who struggle in group learning or simply need or want to get the most out of their swim lessons, this one-on-one approach allows everyone to move at their own pace while still coming together before and after as a group. 

Adaptive Swim Lessons

With adaptive swim programs, we can ensure that everyone, with or without diverse abilities, can learn to swim. The program focuses on participants learning basic swimming and water safety skills in a group setting but with one on one instruction too. The All Kids Swim program is funded in part by the Souris Valley United Way.

For more information on adaptive swim lessons, view our Swimming Lesson Policies.

All Kids Swim  |  Thursdays

Four 45min classes in an adaptive 4-week session for kids with special needs and a parent or guardian.

Ages: 4-14

Class: Th 4:30-5:15PM

Fees: Household Members $35

Non-Members $70

2024 Registration Dates


      Registration: Dec. 31 - Jan. 7, 2024

      Session: Jan. 11 - Feb. 1, 2023


      Registration: Feb. 4 - Feb. 11, 2024

      Session: Feb. 15 - Marc 7, 2023


      Registration: March 10 - March 17, 2024

      Session: March 21 - April 11, 2024

Program Info

The Minot Family YMCA and Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports have collaborated to create a program designed to teach children with special needs swimming skills. The All Kids Swim program is focused on participants ages 4-14 years learning basic swimming and water safety skills in a group setting with individualized instruction. In addition to safety awareness and swimming skills, the aquatic environment provides many benefits for these children:

  • proprioceptive input that assists with reducing repetitive behaviors, provides calming input, and resistance for exercises

  • provides a positive leisure activity for the child and their family

  • improves strength, coordination, range of motion, perceptual and spatial awareness, muscular and cardiovascular endurance and relaxation

  • improve mood, body image, decrease anxiety, and increase self-esteem

  • improve self-care skills before and after swimming

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