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Meet Our Trainers

Our trainers are professional, motivated, and highly trained. All are certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), and/or the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Some are even have a higher education degree in the health & fitness field!




• Functional Fitness
• Corrective Exercise

• Parkinson’s Exercise
• Post-Rehab Exercise




• Running Programs

   and Training

• Strength Training
• Senior Fitness

Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers can provide you with personal instruction, education, and evaluation of your fitness routine. We teach you safe and research-driven techniques to help you reach your wellness goals. YMCA membership fees or daily guest pass fees are also required.

Individual Training

30min personalized fitness training with a certified personal trainer

First-time Client Promotion (expires 3 months from registration)

3 Session Package: $65

Standard Rates (expires 3 months from registration)

1 Session: $30

4 Session Package: $120

8 Session Package: $240

12 Session Package: $320

Recurring Monthly Rates (expires at the end of each month)

4 Session Package: $100

6 Session Package: $144

8 Session Package: $184

12 Session Package: $264

16 Session Package: $336

Group Training

2-5 person fitness training with a certified personal trainer 


Buddy Training (expires 3 months from registration)

2 people 50 minutes  

1 Session: $30/person

Small Group Training  (expires 3 months from registration)

3-5 people 60 minutes

1 Session: $25/person

Fitness Assessments

Have you ever wondered just what kind of shape you are in? Through a detailed fitness assessment, we can tell you exactly! By completing a series of standardized fitness evaluations, we can compare your scores to national standards and point out strengths and weaknesses in your physical fitness status.

Total Body Fitness Assessment: Fee $75

Body Composition Assessment: Fee $25

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