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YMCA360 is FREE for Members!

Enjoy live or on-demand group exercise classes with YMCA instructors across the nation, explore nutrition classes, youth enrichment, fitness options and more. YMCA360 is accessed through the Y3630 App,, and tv apps.

YMCA360 is FRE
E for current members to enjoy. Not a member? Join online and access immediately!


YMCA360 Mobile App

The YMCA360 app matches the on-the-go lifestyles of users of all ages. This app is unlike any other fitness product on the market today with programs for the mind and body, fitness challenges, and live or on-demand content.

Getting Started

The YMCA360 offers both on-demand and live classes through the YMCA360 website and apps. Here's how to access:

YMCA360 InStudio
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Our studios are always open with InStudio! This virtual fitness option in our Cycling or Group Exercise Studio provides On-Demand or Live workouts of classes we do not currently offer while giving you access to equipment that you may not have at home.
Using an iPad, you simply choose a class, and it will be broadcast onto the projector or TV screen. InStudio is available during all open facility hours except when classes are being held in the rooms.

YMCA360+ Membership

Not a YMCA member because you can't commit to coming in to use the facility but are still looking for ways to get fit or engage with your kids?Then our YMCA360+ Membership is the perfect choice for you!

The YMCA360+ membership includes all-access to YMCA360 live and on-demand content as well as one monthy facility visit!

YMCA360 Membership
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