Wall Routes

Our wall is constructed to look and feel like natural rock. Besides the various shaped material holds, there are many natural features of our wall to utilize as well. Routes are set to utilize, one or both of these options

Climbing Rope

For a real upper body challenge, try our 20' Rogue climbing rope. You can climb up to our bouldering limit or we will put you on belay so you can concentrate on climbing, not falling. It's like gym class all over again!


We have 7 top-rope anchors on 7 stations 3 auto-belay, and bouldering on our wall. We also have lead climbing anchors are available upon request. Want to learn how to belay like our staff? Take a belay certification class!

Climbing Wall

Our climbing wall is 40 feet high with multiple paths and difficulties to the top. The wall is set up to accommodate ages 5+ and all skill levels. We offer two different styles of climbing - auto belaying and manual belaying with a certified staff.

Each climber will have to sign our mandatory waiver and pick up a time card at the service desk in order to climb. Climbers must wear tennis shoes or proper climbing shoes while climbing. Any climbers under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet.

Children 8 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the rock wall area.


M-F: 4PM-10PM


SUN: 12PM - 7PM

Vertical Mile Challenge

Climb the 40' wall 150 times and receive a Vertical Mile T-Shirt. Youth will also receive a free meal coupon courtesy of Badlands restaurant Ask a climbing wall staff to get started!

Climbing Classes

Beginners & Intermediate Climbing Classes

This class is geared toward people who want to learn to climb or improve their climbing technique both indoors and out. Participants will also learn the techniques of belaying. The climbing class includes a instructional book published by Rock & Ice Magazine. These are offered by request

Ages: 10+

Fee: $15

Upon arrival, make sure you already have a climbing wall waiver on file with the Service Desk. Our staff will get you suited up with a harness, shoes, and if under 18, a helmet.

Please contact Dave at or in the climbing area for details and to sign up.

Advanced Climbing Classes

Advanced classes include route finding/climbing above the 5.9 level, lead climbing, and multi-pitch techniques. Climbers must have taken and completed our basic climbing course with belay certification (or having obtained our belay certification with previous experience) AND the ability to climb a 5.9 route or better.

Ages: 15+

Fee: $15

   Lead Climbing Class

Lead climbing is exhilarating and challenging. It allows you to chart a new course up the cliff face and push yourself physically and mentally in ways that you can’t when top roping. You will learn the skills needed to lead climb as well as lead belay.

   Multi-Pitch Class

Multi-pitch climbing is the ascent of climbing routes with one or more stops at a belay station. Each section of a climb between stops at belay stations is called a pitch. The leader ascends the pitch, placing gear and stopping to anchor themselves to the belay station. You will learn the skills needed to climb a multi-pitch route and more. 

If you are interested in any of the above advanced classes, please contact Dave at or in the climbing area for details and to sign up.

Belay Certification

This class is designed for members who want to learn how to belay and get their belay certification for use when climbing in our facility with a partner. Participants will receive instruction, practice and testing.

Participants must be 14 years of age or older to take this class, and is free to our members. This instruction is offered by request, please contact Dave at or in the climbing area for details and to sign up.