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Pool Specs

Our swimming pool is 25 yards (22.86m) long with a single lap being down & back at 50 yards (45.72m). 1 mile is equal to approximately 35 laps.

Water Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes in the water are great for those trying to improve their cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and range of motion through continuous resistance and limited impact. Our varying levels of class difficulty and routines will provide opportunities for you to get an intense, interval-style workout, or simply stretch your muscles. 

Open & Lap Swim

We offer both open and lap swimming multiple times each day. This ensures that members are able to swim how they want at a time that works for them!

Swimming Lessons

From All Kids Swim to Private Adult Lessons, we offer a multitude of classes for all ages and skill levels. We want you and your family to be comfortable in and around water and our certified staff will be there to help guide you all along the way.

Red Cross Certification Courses

Lifeguard Certification and CPR classes are offered throughout the year by our certified instructors. Through videos, group discussion and hands-on practice you will learn all you need to know about your selected course.

Swimming Pool & Hot Tub 

Our pool provides a large range of activities for all ages including, open swim, swim lessons, lap swim, fitness classes, swim challenges, and more! Make a splash and join the fun!

We also have a portable lift as well as a ramp for individuals who need assistance getting into and out of the pool.

Average water temperatures are 86° for the lap pool and 104° for the hot tub.

Swimming Lessons

The YMCA provides swimming lessons to swimmers of all ages and skill levels. We also offer private lessons, adult lessons, and adaptive swim programs for swimmers with special needs, so we can all safely enjoy the pleasures of an aquatic environment. We offer small class sizes, year round lessons, certified swim instructors, and more!

Swimming Pool Policies
  • Swimming without a  guard on duty is prohibited

  • Children under 9 must be accompanied in the water by an adult 16+

    • Children 6-8 may pass a swim test to be unaccompanied in the water. An adult age 16+ must supervise the swimmer via the pool or observation deck.​

  • Obey lifeguard at all times

  • Electronics of any kind prohibited in pool area

  • Running on deck is not permitted

  • Shower before using the pool or hot tub

  • Appropriate swimming suits & attire must be worn at all times

  • Breath holding activities are not permitted

  • Gum, food, soda, etc. are not permitted in the pool area

  • Horseplay, improper ramp use, or any unsafe behavior, as determined by the lifeguard, is prohibited

  • Vulgar or offensive language or actions, including PDA, is not permitted

  • Children not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper

  • Spitting in the water or on pool deck is not permitted

  • Bandages, open cuts, and wounds are not permitted in the water

  • Dive only where permitted

Swim Attire Policy

This policy is set in place to help maintain the sanitation of our swimming pool.

Allowed in the Pool

  • One or two piece bathing suits

  • Swim trunks/board shorts

  • Speedos

  • Jammers

  • Technical suits

  • Drag Suits

  • Burkinis

  • Rash guards/ Sun protection shirts

  • Floatation suits

  • Swim diapers (cloth diapers with the protective rubber cover are allowed)

  • Water fitness shoes/ Swim shoes

  • Wearing a T-shirt or shorts over top of a swim suit is allowed. However swimmer must have a swim suit on underneath the shirt or shorts.

Not Allowed in the Pool

  • Basketball shorts/ cargo shorts/ jean shorts

  • Compression shorts/athletic shorts/ athletic leggings

  • Sports bras/ regular bras

  • Underwear of any kind

  • Regular Diapers

  • Regular footwear

Hot Tub Policies
  • Children may use the hot tub with the lifeguards permission

  • Pregnant women or individuals with health problems should avoid the hot tub

  • No Horseplay

  • Individuals must shower before entering the hot tub

  • No flotation aids, goggle or toys of any kind permitted

Open Swim​ Policies
  • Children 8 years old and under must be accompanied by an individual who is at least 16 years old.

  • Floatation devices will be available for those who need them.

  • Balls, toys, and diving bricks may be used if used appropriately.

  • No lesson equipment may be used at this time.

Lap Swim Policies
  • You can enjoy any of the designated lap swim times. Lap swim is offered during other times depending on the population in the pool. Ask the lifeguard on duty.

  • Please practice circle-swimming when sharing a lane This means to swim in a counter-clockwise circle in the lane. Down on the right, back on the left.

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