One Day Pass

Youth (0-18)........$5

Adult (19+)...........$15


Membership Plans

Youth (Birth-12)

$13 per month  |  $156 per year


High School (13-18)

$20 per month  |  $240 per year

College (19+)

$20 per month  |  $240 per year

Must provide proof of enrollment semesterly


Young Adult (19-23)

$41 per month  |  $492 per year

+$20 enrollment fee


Adult (24-59)

$56 per month  |  $672 per year

+$50 enrollment fee


Senior Adult (60+)

$47 per month  |  $564 per year

2-Person Household (2 Adults 19+)

$66 per month  |  $792 per year

+$50 enrollment fee


Household (2 Adults & kids 0-23)

$76 per month  |  $912 per year

+$50 enrollment fee


Senior Household (2 Adults at least 1 60+)

$65 per month  |  $780 per year


Single Parent Household (1 Adult & kids 0-23)

$66 per month  |  $792 per year

+$50 enrollment fee

Want More Information?

We want to provide you with as much info as possible, if you have any questions, contact our service desk at 701-852-0141 or view our member policies be clicking the button below.

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Membership for All (Income-Based Membership)​

Our Y works hard everyday to ensure that everyone has the ability to learn, grow and thrive. That is why we offer the Membership For All program which provides financial assistance to families and individuals so they can take part in YMCA programs and services. 

Funding for Membership For All Memberships & Programs is made possible through the United Way and other community donations to the YMCA. This assistance is available, within the limits of our resources, to members that provide complete documentation showing their inability to pay the full member rate.

By completing and bringing in the forms below, along with all the required financial information, we can determine your personalized membership rate based on a fee structure. The Membership For All applications are reviewed by the Membership Director every Friday. All decisions made are final and incomplete applications will not be processed. 

To apply, please complete both forms and all necessary documents listed below:

• Membership For All Cover Letter

• YMCA Membership For All Application

You must also include:

• Copy of last year’s tax return


A letter to our committee stating why you did not file taxes with proof of income (e.g. copy of bank statement showing amount of automatic monthly deposit; disability checks, etc.) Plus a reference letter from a non-family member (e.g. priest/pastor, social worker, etc) who can vouch for your current state of financial difficulty.

Health Club Reimbursements​

Many Y members get paid to work out! The Y partners with many insurance providers to offer monthly reimbursements to members with participating health plans. To find out if your plan qualifies, simply call the number on the back of your insurance card and check with your insurance company to verify eligibility in the reimbursement program. If you qualify, stop by the service desk for more information.

Military and Public Service Personnel

Military and public service personnel (active or retired) including police, firefighters, and EMT's are eligible to waive the enrollment fee of their membership by providing proof of service upon membership sign up.

Day Lockers

Full Size Lockers (available in All Locker Rooms)

Free for day use - Please use a lock to prevent theft of property. Locks can also be purchased at the service desk for $5. Any lock left on overnight will be cut and items brought to service desk.

Membership Cards

Upon signing up for a membership, members receive the option of either a key chain or wallet style membership card. In the event that an individual loses their membership card, the card can be replaced for a $5 fee.

Any membership cards on your account can also be added to our app for easy access while scanning in. Download the DAXKO app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Hospitality Passes

Hospitality Passes are day passes sold in bulk for a discounted rate of $7 per pass (minimum 30 passes). These passes are good for both youth and adults (no age requirement). Hospitality Passes grant access into the entire facility. Many hotels utilize these passes to hand out to their traveling guests looking for a space to workout and also traveling groups to come in and simply use our locker rooms and showers. Hospitality Passes do not replace a rental.

Value Added Options

Kit Lockers​

1/4 Lockers (Family Locker Rooms)

$25 per year

1/2 Lockers (Youth, Adult & Family Locker Rooms)

$40.00 per year

Kit Locker fees are non refundable. The YMCA will provide you with a lock for a Kit Locker.

Unlimited In-Y Daycare

Drop-in baby sitting service available everyday for up to 2 hours in morning per child and 2 hours in evening per child

1 Child

$30 per month

Additional Children

$10 per child per month

Cancellation Policy

Since we require written documentation for all cancellations, memberships must be cancelled in person or by email, mail, or fax. Members who want to ensure that their membership fee will not be withdrawn from their account must cancel by the 25th of the prior month. Memberships paid in full are non-refundable.