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Cardio Center

Our Cardio Center is stocked with top-notch equipment to meet all the needs of our ever growing facility. Many of our machines have personal televisions equipped, though members also have access to the many large screen televisions around the training center for general use.

Selectorized and Free Weight Areas

We offer both free weights and selectorized (connected) weights for your strength training needs. Our staff is always happy to assist you if you need a spotter or help with any of our equipment.

Indoor Track

You can enjoy walking or running on our indoor track which features a view of the outside and the basketball court. 8 laps equals one mile. Strollers, weight sleds, and portable weights are allowed on the track.

Half Track & Equipment Room

The half track provides an alternative area for mat workouts as well as a spot for a speed bag which is available at the Training Center desk. The east room attached to the half track has a variety of equipment for member use such as battle ropes, kettlebells, the weight sled, medicine balls, and more!

Training Center Orientation Flyer-01.png
Youth Exercise Orientation-01.png
Youth Exercise Orientation (YXO) Policies
  • Youth must complete the one hour YXO with the physical director and pass a short quiz to become YXO Certified.

    • All YXO Certified youth will receive a sticker to put on their membership card

  • To maintain their YXO certification they must:

    • Sign in with a Training Center staff each time they use the Training Center.

    • Show their YXO Certified sticker

      • Must be the physical sticker. Not a photo.

    • Abide by all of the TC Policies.

  • Certifications automatically expire once the youth turns 14 years of age.

  • Once the youth turn 14, they are able to use the Training Center without signing in.

  • Any violation or abuse of the YXO certification will result in revoked Training Center access until the youth take and pass the orientation again.

Circuit Training Room

The circuit area consists of 12 weight machines and cardio stations. This is a 30 minute express workout incorporating both strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

Track Policies
  • Please follow the daily track direction located on the east and west walls of the track.

  • Slower participants must use the inside lane of the track.

  • No more than 2 people side by side.

  • Children under 13 years of age MUST be directly supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. (within arms length)

  • Strollers, weight sleds, and portable weights are allowed on the track.

Circuit Training Room Policies
  • Please spend no more than one minute at each machine, this includes resting between sets.

  • Be mindful of others using machines in number order.

  • Follow the indicated clockwise direction of the circuit.

Free Weight Policies
  • Please do not drop weights

  • Strip bars after use and return equipment to proper location.

  • Keep bars and weights off the vinyl at all times to prevent tearing

  • Spotters and collars are recommended.

  • Horseplay will not be tolerated.

  • Please do not place weights or bars against railings or building structures.

Interested in Personal Training?

Trinity Health and the Minot Family YMCA are unique in that Trinity Health and the Minot Family YMCA were one of the first YMCA/Medical Facility partnerships in the United States. This partnership allows us to provide the most complete wellness experience possible.

Our services include personal training, clinical exercise, corporate wellness programs, cancer exercise rehab, exercise prescriptions, fitness assessments, and CrossFit.

Age Policies
  • Children 9 years of age and younger must be supervised by parents at all times and are not allowed to use the Training Center Equipment.

  • Children 10-13 may use the cardio and weight equipment but MUST be directly supervised by their parent or guardian at all times.

  • Children 13 and younger are NOT allowed to use equipment or weights during peak hours: 11AM-2PM & 5PM-7PM

  • Children 12 & 13 who are YXO Certified may use the Training Center and it's equipment unsupervised at any time as long as they abide by the YXO Certification Policies.

Training Center Policies

  • Shoe Policy

    • Clean, closed toe shoes must be worn while using the equipment in the Training Center

      • Flip flops, sandals, bare/stocking feet, etc. are prohibited during any type of workout

    • Gym shoes or athletic shoes with non-marking soles are preferred


  • Shirt Policy

    • Profane language or pictures are prohibited

    • Shirts must be worn at all times for both men & women

      • Sports Bras, swim suit tops, etc. as tops are prohibited

    • Crop tops are allowed, however midriff cannot exceed 3-4 inches


  • Bottoms Policy

    • Athletic shorts, spandex, leggings, sweats, etc. are recommended

    • Shorts/spandex must cover the buttocks

  • Use equipment properly and if applicable, return it after use.

  • Wipe down equipment with the provided sani-cloths.

  • No food or soda allowed on the Training Center floor.

  • No external speakers may be used in the Training Center.

  • Please do not sit on machines in between sets and be courteous of others wishing to use machines

Cardio Equipment Policies
  • Do not spray disinfectant on display panels.

  • Wipe down equipment after use.

  • Wear indoor gym shoes only.

  • Please ask staff to assist you if you are unsure how to properly use any of the equipment.

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