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Fun on the Court

Stay active and fit at the Y with some of our adult basketball programs. From recreational play to formal leagues, we have something for everyone!

Adult Basketball

At the Y, basketball is a big part of who we are. All adults are welcome to join, tell your co-workers, classmates and friends. By playing basketball in a tournament or just for recreational fun, the Y is the place to meet other players, improve skills and stay active.

Adult Noon Basketball

Members and non-members 18+ and out of high-school can join the fun Monday through Friday from 11:00AM - 1:30PM by playing a pick-up basketball game. 

The first 10 players on the court begin play. Winning team continues play, free throws are shot to fill 5 other positions. Players call their own infractions and each basket counts as 1 point. First team to 7 points wins.

Adult Men's Basketball Tournament

This will be a one day tournament, with 3 games guaranteed. Team fee is, $240.00. Fees need to be paid, before your first game. We are only accepting 8 teams in the tournament, at this time.

Ages: 18+ and out of High School

Fees: $240.00

Registration: August 22nd to October 20th, 2023

Tournament Date: October 28th, 2023

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