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Member Referral Savings

Invite a family member or friend to join the Y and you’ll both enjoy an exclusive 20% membership savings on the standard membership rate each month for one year as long as you both remain members.

  • Can I get a discount for referring a friend to the Minot Family YMCA
    Members are eligible for a 20% savings on the standard membership rate for up to one year for referring a friend. The referred friend is also eligible for the 20% savings on the standard membership rate plus a waived enrollment fee.
  • When will I begin to receive the Member Referral Rate?
    Members will receive their member referral rate on their next billing cycle.
  • How long is the reduced rate valid?
    The reduced rate received from participating in the Member Referral program is good for one year as long as both parties remain members, and their membership is in good standing (by keeping all monthly payments current). Should one of you cancel your membership before the year lapse, the remaining member must refer another friend or family member to join to continue receiving their discount. It is the cancelling member's responsibility to inform their friend of their cancellation and the Minot Family YMCA will NOT be responsible for informing the remaining member. If the remaining member does not refer another friend or family member to join prior to their friend's cancellation, the reduced membership rate will return to the standard rate for the specified membership type. The reduced rate expires for both parties at the end of the one year mark. To continue the discount, each party must refer a new friend to join the Minot Family YMCA.
  • Can I get more than one discount?
    Members are only eligible for one rate reduction on their memberships.
  • Will the Member Referral rate ever increase?
    Yes, you will still be subject to future rate increases. However, your rate will still reflect a 20% savings as long as both members are still active in good standing, and the Member Referral Program is still being offered by the Y.
  • Does my friend or family member have to join the Minot Family YMCA?
    Yes. Because all Y's are community owned and operated, our member referral program is only valid at our YMCA.
  • How many friends or family members can I refer?
    Members can refer as many people as they would like. In fact, it is to your benefit to refer more than one friend or family member so, in the event one of your referrals decides to leave the Y, you have another referral attached to your membership, which ensures your membership savings stay in place.
  • Who is eligible to participate in this program?
    All membership types who pay on a monthly billing cycle from an EFT or Credit Card. *Credit card service fee of $3 per month still applies.
  • I am currently receiving financial assistance or am currently on a SilverSneakers / Silver and Fit membership. Can I refer a friend for this program?
    Yes. Should your friend or family member decide to join they will receive the Member Referral membership rate for the membership category they select. Your membership will remain at your standard financial assistance, SilverSneakers, or Silver and Fit membership rate.
  • Does my friend or family member have to be with me to join?
    No. New members will need to bring in the referral card they receive from their friend or family member when they join in order to receive the 20% savings off of their first billing cycle.
  • Before the Member Referral Program began, I referred multiple families to join the Y. Can I receive a rate reduction based on their memberships?"
    No. The Member Referral membership savings is only available for current members referring new members. A new member is considered a member that has not been an active member at the Minot Family YMCA for 60 days or longer.
  • I am joining the Y as a new member in the Member Referral Program. Do I have to pay a joining fee?
    No. Any friend of our members are our friend too and as a thank you for joining, we are waiving your enrollment fee!
  • What if I have a Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual Membership or want to pay for my membership in full, can I still get a discount?
    Yes. The discounted will take effect at your next billing cycle.
  • I am currently receiving a reimbursement through my insurance (or am eligible to begin a new insurance reimbursement program as a new member). Can I still participate in this program?
    Yes! For this reimbursement program you are always paying the Y the same membership payment. You are rewarded for your hard work by your insurance company and you get the perk of a reimbursement. We hope you have the opportunity to maximize on this benefit. If you are new to this benefit or unsure if you qualify, please contact your insurance provider to check your eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed the Service Desk staff are able to assist you in getting started.
  • How can I help spread the word?
    Thank you for your advocacy! Share with your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Please connect with us by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and checking out our website at


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