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Join us September 1-30 for an entire month full of pop-up membership promotions, member appreciation activities, and community events!

All throughout September, new joins pay $0 enrollment fee when signing up for a YMCA membership either online or in-house!

Many pop-up membership promos and events are happening throughout the month too, so you can save even more!

Plus, new and current members can choose to round up their membership to help provide more sponsorship opportunities for youth and families to receive memberships or participate in sports programs.



Stay in the know with our 2023 schedule which showcases all of the September membership promos and events that will be happening throughout the month.

Grab one of these schedules at the front desk or click on the picture to see it !

All of the YMCA's Group Exercise classes are scheduled as normal, but this month select classes also have themes!

From dressing up in your favorite color to getting your fitness on with songs from your favorite decade or movies, we have something for everyone in multiple formats that will keep you entertained and motivated!

Plus group fitness is more fun with a friend! So grab your bestie and head to the YMCA to get fit together!

Grab a schedule at the front desk or click on the picture to see it full screen!



Launching September 1, all members will be able to access YMCA360, a digital platform with videos for on-demand and live fitness classes, kids activities, sports conditioning, and more!

Free with all memberships, Every active

member will be able to access YMCA360 from anywhere through a computer desktop, mobile app, Apple TV, Roku, and more! Watch the video to see what YMCA360 is all about!

Members don't just have to be at home to access YMCA360 either! With YMCA360 InStudio, you can take all your favorite fitness classes live or ondemand in our Group Exercise or Cycling Studios!

With classes uploaded by instructors from YMCA's across the US, you will feel like the instructor is right in the room with you!

Can't commit to coming into the facility regularly but still want access to YMCA360? Don't fret! Our YMCA360+ Membership gives you access to the YMCA360 platform for only $15/month for the ENTIRE FAMILY! Plus, with the YMCA360+ Membership you can access our facility once a month on us!

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