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All of us at the YMCA would like to thank you for your patience as we work diligently to finalize plans to relocate the In-Y Daycare child watch program at the Y. With most program relocations, certain user groups will be impacted, however we are willing to work with our members and guests to lessen the impact on your Y routine.

The In-Y Daycare Child Watch program will be moving to the north side of the Men’s Family Locker Room (locker area) which will be renovated to best suit the needs of the child watch program. This space has direct restroom and sink access which is vital for the success of this program. The Men’s Family Locker Room will be closed for renovation beginning Monday, November 28.

Beginning Monday, November 28, individuals currently utilizing the Men’s Family Locker Room will be redirected to their corresponding age-appropriate locker room: Men’s Adult (18+ & out of High School), Male Youth (0-18), or Universal Locker Room (All ages & genders). Those with a kit locker rental in the Men’s Family will have the option to move their locker to the appropriate locker room by visiting the Service Desk. All locker items within the Men’s Family must be removed from this locker room by 9PM on Sunday, November 27. Any items remaining in the locker room will removed and stored at the Service Desk for 4 weeks. After this time any remaining items will be donated.

The south side of the Men’s Family Locker Room (showers, bathrooms, and dry sauna) will be temporarily closed during the first part of the renovation process and will reopen for use for families as before. Access to the south side of the locker room will be available and only accessible through the pool deck. This space will not be available for use when the pool area is closed so members and guests are asked to plan their workouts accordingly.

Due to contractor timelines and renovation supply availability, there will be a short-term interruption in service of the In-Y Daycare program beginning on Saturday, December 17. The details on reopening are dependent upon the aforementioned factors and an opening date in the new location is still being finalized, though we are hopeful for a reopening date in January 2023. Updates will be given as more information is solidified.

As we moved through the process of finalizing the continuation of the In-Y Daycare, the challenges of offering the In-Y child watch service became even more evident. A couple of these challenges include staffing challenges and operational expenses. To continue this program efficiently, current In-Y Daycare users should expect an increase in child watch fees at the time of reopening as outlined below. The current rates have remained the same for over 20 years and the new rates will not entirely cover all the expenses needed to run this program but will assist in the longevity of the program being available for families to utilize for years to come. It is important to note that income-based membership options will continue to be available to those who may need financial assistance to continue utilizing our services.


All fees listed below are for a maximum of 2 hours per child per day.

Daily Fees

1st Child: $10

Additional Children: $3 each

Punch Card


($3 punches – 2 punches for 1st child and 1 punch for each additional child)

Monthly Fees

1st Child: $60

Additional Children: $10 each

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we work to keep our child watch service available. Please stay tuned for updates as plans are solidified within the coming weeks.

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