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Thank you for sticking with us during these uncertain times. Your support does, and will continue to, make a difference to those in our community whom we serve. Without our loyal members, we would not be able to continue serving the Minot community and surrounding areas just as we have for the past 76 years.

Following the guidelines set in place by the state of North Dakota and the CDC, we are continuing to open in phases as we reinstate and train our team.

Please read the following regarding the phased opening of the In-Y Daycare:


  • The In-Y Daycare will be opening in phases. New policies will be re-evaluated regularly as we continue to navigate this ever-changing situation. We understand that there are many children from all walks of life who utilize our drop-in daycare daily and our revolving door is what makes us different from full-service daycare's who have the same children every day. Our decision to open the In-Y Daycare was not taken lightly as the health and safety of our children is our number one priority.

  • The In-Y Daycare will be open M-F 9AM-2PM starting on July 20, 2020. There will be no evening daycare at this time.

  • Parents or guardians must reserve a one-hour time slot no more than 24 hours in advance by visiting or calling the Service Desk at 701-852-0141. There are 10 slots available starting at the top of every hour. For example, if you RSVP one child for the 9AM-10AM hour, and you arrive at 9:15AM, the child must be checked out by 10AM.

  • All open time slots will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Any no-call, no-shows will lose In-Y Daycare privileges for one week.

  • To reduce person-to-person contact, only potty-trained children will be allowed at this time.

  • Prices will be $1.50 per child.

  • Child check-in will take place outside the In-Y Daycare room. Daily Wellness Check forms assessing the child’s health must be filled out upon arrival and temperatures will be taken for all children being checked in. A child with a temperature of 100.4° or higher, children showing symptoms of illness, or those who do not pass our daily wellness check will not be allowed to enter the In-Y Daycare.

  • No snacks or outside items will be allowed in the daycare room.

  • Bathrooms and toys will be disinfected after every use. No plush toys will be available.

As always, we want to thank you for your patience and support as we navigate through these uncharted waters. We are extremely grateful for each one of you and are happy many of you have come back to see us! Please continue to stay up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, downloading our Daxko App, visiting our website, and our newest form of communication, opting in to text messages.

Roger Mazurek

Executive Director

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