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We have some brand new fitness equipment for the Training Center coming your way and we are so excited for you to use it!

We have some replacement equipment coming in as well as some brand new items we have never had that we think you will all love! Take a look at the new equipment below!


We will be disassembling the white Jungle Gym on June 10 in the East Training Center (free-weight side), deep cleaning the floor, and installing the Life Fitness Signature Series MJ8 Multi-Jungle Gym. It features a dual pulley row, a low row, a tricep pushdown, a dual adjustable pulley, a lat pulldown, an adjustable pulley, two fixed crossovers, an adjustable crossover, and more.

We are making room on June 10 to include two new SciFit Latitude machines. These are Lateral Stability Trainers which are very similar to our current SciFit StepOne recumbent stepper machines. These give a circular motion that activates muscles used for stability and side-to-side movements. It is ideal for people of all fitness levels including older adults and rehabilitation exercisers for building the right muscles and confidence to reduce the risk of falls and stay active.

Make way for replacement Arc Trainers! Throughout the month of June and possibly July we will be getting 6 new Arc Trainers from Cybex. This console will feature a vivid 16" touch screen that includes streaming apps, web browsing, integrated TV, games and exerciser connection through Bluetooth and NFC. This also means that we will be phasing out some of our older Arc Trainers without these capabilities.

We are replacing our older recumbent and upright bikes with new ones from Life Fitness on June 9! We will have 3 recumbent and 3 upright bikes that will all have a Discover Console that you can watch cable, Netflix, Hulu, or interactive terrain courses, and even play games like solitaire or chess!

We will be receiving 2 additional PowerMills on June 10 to provide more options for those who want a leg-burning, booty blasting, cardio, stair workout. These Life Fitness PowerMills will have a Discover Console that you can watch cable, Netflix, Hulu, or interactive terrain courses, and even play games like solitaire or chess!

In July we will be receiving a brand new piece of equipment, the Jacob's Ladder! This will be located on our half track in our Family Cardio Room and burns more calories than your typical treadmill workout. This ladder climbing workout is low impact and is functional exercise, making it useful for rehabilitation, circuit training, personal training, high-intensity intervals and endurance training.

Our replacement for the broken Tuff Stuff shoulder press is finally coming after a long wait due to COVID wait times! We will be receiving this new plate-loaded Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Shoulder Press on June 9 or 10th!

App Audio is going to make your TV experience at the Y even better after all the new equipment is in! This app will let you connect your phone directly to a TV that is on in our Training Center and you can listen to that TV's audio straight through your headphones that are connected to your phone! You can also connect App Audio to supported consoles on select fitness equipment like Arc Trainers, Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and more!

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