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Get Fit Your Way 

With many low impact classes to choose from, older adults can find an exercise that suits their interests and needs while still providing a fun atmosphere.

A Place to Socialize

The Y is a place that active older adults can depend on; a place where they can enrich their lives and develop new skills, new interests, and make new friends.

Active Older Adults

he Y supports active older adults while providing programs that give an extra edge to good health that is needed to meet life's changing challenges. Older people need to continue to have a mission in their lives, a sense of direction and purpose.

Senior Fitness Recommendations​
Silversneakers Classic®

Have fun & move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills.


Focuses on balance, range of motions, and coordination with easy-to-follow, slow paced choreography.

ZUMBA Gold-Toning®

Blending the ZUMCA you love at a slower pace with muscle defining Toning Sticks to shake up those muscles.

Senior Dance Toning

This is class is a slower paced dance class which integrates the use of toning shaker weights.

Gentle Yoga

The beginner poses and asanas in this class are geared to improve your muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina, and overall wellness, while also including meditation.

Senior Cycle

Seated, low impact 30 minute ride with a scenic trail playing in the background.  This class works on cardio and leg strength.

SilverSneakers SilverSplash®

Incorporates fun shallow water movements to improve agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular, strength, and endurance conditioning. No swimming ability is required. The SilverSplash Kickboard and other aquatic equipment is used to improve strength, balance and coordination.

Young at Heart Water Aerobics

Young at Heart targets low to moderate intensity water movements for cardio and strength training. However its main emphasis is on improving total body range of motion and flexibility of joints by utilizing relaxation techniques.

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