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Basketball Camps

These camps are a good way to build relationships with peers as well as learn the fundamentals of basketball. The camp will focus on sportsmanship, skills, and fun.

Basketball Lessons

We strive to make people of all ages to be the best version of themselves as they can be. With basketball lessons, we do just that. The goal of each basketball lesson is to build confidence as an athlete and to advance their skills a little each day.

Basketball Lessons

Our private and group lessons are to help kids who love the game of basketball grow. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced our individual and group lessons will help you up your skills to the next level.


Baskebtall Lessons are currently unavailable. Please check back fat a later date for updates. 

Ages: All Ages

Individual Lessons

Single 45 min. session: $35

Five 45 min. sessions: $150

Group Lessons (2-4 athletes)

Single 45 min. session: $30/per participant

Five 45 min. sessions: $120/per participant

Areas of Focus

Ball Handling

Dribbling, ball protection, how to use a dribble effectively


Shooting form, lay-ups, jump shots, free-throws, etc.


How to play effective man to man defense, positioning

Effective Passing

Chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, when to use each pass

Instructional Basketball Camps

The purpose of YMCA Instructional Basketball Camp is to provide a FUN learning experience for children without a high level of competition. The camp is geared toward teaching the fundamentals, sportsmanship, and skills of basketball. Children will have the opportunity to play games as part of the learning process, but for most, the emphasis will be place on the skill development.

Grades: K-6

Registration: August 1st to October 6th, 2023

Event Days: October 21st & 22nd

What to Bring: Athletic wear (T-shirt, shorts, sweats, etc.) & gym shoes

Fees: YMCA Household Members - $20

Non-Members - $40

Kindergarten - Boys & Girls

Time: 9-9:50AM

1&2 Grade - Girls

Time: 10-10:50AM

1&2 Grade - Boys

Time: 11-11:50AM

3&4 Grade - Boys & Girls

Time: 12-12:50PM

5&6 - Boys & Girls

Time: 1-1:50PM

Breakthrough Basketball Camps

Breakthrough Basketball conducts quality, high-intensity, drill based camps that focus on not only bettering a players skill set on the court but also building character and confidence off the court. These camps will strengthen your athletes mentality while boosting their confidence to become more aggressive and skilled players. Our camps will provide a focused, fun learning environment that cannot be rivaled.

Ball Handling and Scoring Skills Camp

Grades: 3-8

Registration: Feb 18 - Until Full (60 spots)

Event: June 12-14, 2024 | (9AM-3PM) 

Areas of Focus

• Enhance ball handling skills & decision making
• Improve 1-on-1 moves & footwork
• Create shots and score off the dribble
• Develop a proper release point and follow through
• Learn to be more aggressive
• Improve speed & agility
• Develop finishing moves

Ball Handling, Shooting & Decision Making Camp

Grades: 7-12

Registration: Feb 18 - Until Full (60 spots)

Event: July 8 - July 10, 2024  |  (9AM-3PM)

Areas of Focus

• Learn several techniques of a great shooter
• Beat defenders off the dribble
• Create shots & improve lateral quickness
• Enhance ball handling skills & decision making
• Develop an explosive first step
• Create space and separation from the defense
• Learn all the critical skills & concepts coaches love

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