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Recreational League

This league introduces the sport of basketball to these young players. They will have fun learning the fundamentals of play including basic skills, game rules, good sportsmanship, game play, technique, and more.

Competitive League

This league takes what kids already know about basketball and strengthens their knowledge and skills. They will learn the true meaning of good sportsmanship through competitive game play with high school rules. All while receiving equal playing time for all members of the team.

Volunteer Coaching Staff

This league is made possible by volunteer coaching staff. Each coach and assistant coach abide by the YMCA rules and all understand that "Everyone Plays, Everyone Wins".

Valuable Lessons

By encouraging fun without a high level of competition, our football program teaches good sportsmanship, social and communication skills, teamwork, and more.

Youth Basketball Leagues

Players will learn the basics of basketball including shooting, dribbling, passing, and game rules. Game concepts, including offense and defense, will be introduced and developed as players’ skill levels develop. All skills and equipment will be age appropriate.

Volunteer Coaches

This program is possible through the generous help of volunteer coaches. Coaches are respoinsibile for being a good role model for the kids as well as teaching them the fundamentals of football and good sportsmanship through both practice and game play. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer coach, contact our Youth Sports Director, Shane, at 852-0141 or email

Recreational Leagues
  • For all boys and girls in grades K-2.

  • Will have modified rules to help players achieve success and focus on fun.

  • Players will rotate to receive equal playing time.

  • Kindergartners play on co-ed teams.

  • K-2nd Grades will be played and on lowered hoops.

Grades: K-2

Fees:  Members: $45

Non-Members: $90

Late Registration Fee: $15


Kindergarten Co-Ed

Registration: August 1st - October 1st, 2023

Season: November 4th - December 16th, 2023

Girls & Boys Grades 1&2

Registration: August 23rd - October 7th, 2022

Season: November 5th - December 17th, 2022

Competitive Leagues
  • For all boys and girls in grade 3-8.

  • Emphasizes developing skills, sportsmanship, competitiveness, and having fun! 

  • Will follow high school rules.

  • Players are required to play 50% of the time, substitutions are the coaches responsibility.

  • Registration accepted by individuals, no longer by teams.

Grades: 3-8

Fees:  Members: $60

Non-Members: $100

Late Registration Fee: $15


Girls Grades 3&4

Registration: October 17th - December 2nd, 2022

Season: January 7th - February 11th, 2023

Girls Grades 5&6

Registration: October 17th - December 2nd, 2022

Season: January 7th - February 11th, 2023

Boys Grades 3&4

Registration: December 5th - January 13th 2023

Season: February 18th - March 25th, 2023

Boys Grades 5&6

Registration: December 5th - January 13th 2023

Season: February 18th - March 25th, 2023


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