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Due to the very real staffing crisis affecting our community, we have made the hard decision to discontinue evening child watch in the In-Y Daycare from 5-8PM Monday-Thursday beginning October 11, 2022.

We are deeply saddened by this decision and will offer refunds to those who solely utilize the evening child watch and have paid the monthly child watch fees for the month of October. For more information or to request a refund, please inquire at the Service Desk.

The future of the In-Y Daycare program and other areas of our facility that have been impacted by lack of staff is under constant evaluation and is being discussed with the YMCA leadership team and volunteers.

The Kid’s Gym will also be relocating to Racquetball Court 1. Due to this, the Kid’s Gym and Racquetball court will be temporarily closed for open play beginning October 11, 2022, as we transition to the new space. The Racquetball Court 1 will be discontinued for use indefinitely. Stay tuned for more information on future plans for these spaces and a reopening date for the Kid’s Gym in its new location.

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