Thank you for sticking with us during these uncertain times. Your support does, and will continue to, make a difference to those in our community whom we serve. Without our loyal members, we would not be able to continue serving the Minot community and surrounding areas just as we have for the past 76 years.

Following the guidelines set in place by the state of North Dakota and the CDC, we are continuing to open in phases as we reinstate and train our team. Our guidelines are still in place for Phase 1 of our reopening. These guidelines are available here.

We will be moving into Phase 2 of reopening our Y starting June 1, 2020. Please read the following carefully as some of our policies have changed:



• The facility hours will continue as Monday-Friday 5AM-10PM and Saturday & Sunday 6AM-7PM.

• The age restrictions put in place will expire on June 1st. After this date all ages will be allowed at any time during our operating hours.

• We are temporarily only allowing members to use the facility. No guest passes will be issued at this time.

• We ask that members adhere to social distancing guidelines by maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between others.

• Masks are not required to enter the facility but wearing one is encouraged. Reusable Masks are available at the Service Desk for $3.50.

• We are not offering a sweat towel service as recommended from the state and public health officials. We encourage you to bring your own.

• Water fountains are not available for use as recommended from the state and public health officials. However, the bottle fillers will be made available.

• The Community Room will open on June 1 and has a capacity of 10 people with up to 3 people per table. Coffee services will be available however, coffee cups must be thrown and replaced with a new cup for refills.


• If you have applied for monthly credits, you should see your credit already applied on your May draft date. If you pay for your membership quarterly, semi-annually, or annually and applied for credits, your next payment will reflect the credit for the total time we were closed.

  • If you would like to opt-in to credits for the time we were closed, please contact our Membership Director, Cody, at by June 6, 2020.

• If you had placed your membership on hold, your account was automatically reinstated and charged the pro-rated amount on May 6th, 2020.

• If you cancelled your membership during our closure, you have until June 6th to reinstate your membership to avoid the enrollment fee.

• For those who have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic, or anyone experiencing financial hardship, you may apply for financial assistance through our Membership For All program to ensure that you can continue in your efforts to stay healthy in spirit, mind, and body.


• Family & Universal Locker Rooms will open June 1, 2020.

• Family Locker Rooms capacity is 19 people.

• Universal Locker Room capacity is 5 people.

• Adult and Youth Locker Rooms and their amenities will remain closed until further notice.

  • Youth 9+ are encouraged to use their designated Family Locker Rooms or the Universal Locker Room.

• Those using day lockers are asked to leave the locker doors open so a maintenance member can disinfect it after use.

The saunas in the Family Locker Rooms will be open and have a capacity of 1 person.

• Some shower stations may be unavailable to abide by social distancing standards.


The Pool Area will open June 1, 2020 with a temporary pool schedule available at the front desk, on our app, or on our website.

• Pool Area capacity is 35 people with a max of 33 people in the pool. Lifeguards will monitor this capacity and patrons may be asked to wait before entering the pool area or pool.

The Hot Tub on deck will remain closed until further notice.

Aquatics Group Fitness Classes will resume June 1, 2020 with an abridged schedule available at the front desk, on our app, or on our website. Class capacity is 11: 1 instructor and 10 participants. Lifeguards and Instructors will monitor this capacity.

Swim lessons is set to resume June 22, 2020. Registration will be June 14-20, 2020.


We will announce the opening of the In-Y Daycare and Kid’s Gym in the month of June. An exact date of opening has not yet been set as we are finalizing staff training and protocols with the guidelines set for our organization. Details will be announced on our website, our app, and social media pages as information becomes available.


Gyms have a capacity of 25 people.

• Pick-up games are allowed for up to 10 people playing at one time.


· Racquetball courts have a capacity of 2 people per court.


Climbing Wall will open on June 1, 2020 with adjusted hours:

  • Sunday: Closed

  • Monday-Friday 4PM-10PM

  • Saturday: 9AM-7PM

Climbing Wall capacity is 3 people: 2 climbers, 1 staff

• Climbers and staff are recommended to wear masks due to the close contact needed to provide service. Reusable Masks are available at the Service Desk for $3.50.<